Jumper Presentation and Player Auction

Come along and see our Hawks and Men’s and Ladies Masters teams for 2023.  Bring along family and friends and join in our Player Auction, our major fundraiser for the year.  Mitch Shilling will be writing the Players Form guides and if you have never experienced one of our Player Auctions they are very humorous and entertaining!  And, you get the chance to buy a player that may make you a tidy sum by the end of the season if they have a good year!!

Pickering Brook Football Club
Jumper Presentation
Player Auction
Invite your friends and family!
Clint will be providing a great Menu for the evening and let me tell you, his meals are fantastic so make sure you get down early and enjoy a great value dinner.

This is going to be a huge night so bookings are essential, no booking, no meal!   Bookings from 5pm.

Call Clint on 0437 148 739 to make a booking.