New Sponsor Mead Physio Group

New sponsor alert! Mead Physio Group have jumped onboard this year and we are excited to be working with their team!!


 With a strong focus on life-long health for the local community, they come with an abundance of knowledge regarding pain management, injury rehabilitation, injury prevention, fitness and strength.


Specialising in care throughout your whole health and fitness journey, the team at Mead will be supporting us in many ways including:

– Information on injury prevention and management for players/personnel – first steps when an injury occurs and recognising when an injury needs attending to

– Pilates classes for males and females of all ages – 45 minutes of fun and rewarding hard work at your level!

– Footy ready program specifically for female athletes – with a focus on injury prevention

– Runners and First Aiders program – stretch classes and information programs to be prepared if injury occurs.


You can contact the friendly Mead Physio team anytime by phone 08 9293 1800, email, web or follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

100 Club

Inaugural 100 Club
Thanks to everyone that bought tickets to our inaugural 100 Club held last Friday.  It was a great night led by our resident MC in Lyle Swithenbank.  Thanks to DJ Ken for proving the music and Sound System, and to Foxxy, Clarkey and Danielle for being the driving force behind the night.  Well done to the Thompson Family for winning the big 1!

Beard T 32 $25
Caccetta Mark 49 $500
Castafaro J 90 $25
Conti Lou 17 $25
Fasolo Kane 13 $25
Fields Peter 48 $25
Hughes S 26 $500
McCormick W 80 $250
Omalley Ann 46 $25
Shardlow Adrina 67 $25
Shardlow Kim 77 $25
Smith Scott 59 $25
Thompson Y 62 $2500
Total Prizes $3975