Hawks pipped in a thrilling Grand Final

As I write to you for the final time this season, I do it with mixed emotions. At the moment I’m still seething about the loss, but at the same time, look back on what an interesting season it was.

As I returned home from the typical Indonesian retreat at the start of Feb, watching half the airport wearing masks, I never really stopped to think what the impact on footy would be. I don’t think anyone was really prepared for the carnage to follow. Luckily we had been practicing self isolation for years and managed to avoid most of it, people have mixed feelings about McGowan, but not only is our state the only one who had a budget surplus, but allowed a lot of community sports to continue. A lot of people chose this time to rest, we chose to make our league stronger and a true testament to how much Aussies love footy and sport in general. Take a minute to think about all those people in lock down around the world, yet we somehow managed to get nearly a full season in. Just the legalities involved in getting the season going were enough for people not to bother, but the HFA pushed it with the Clubs and produced a great season and gained some respect as well.

Well done to Brian and Carleen, all clubs involved and the supporters. The biggest issue facing all clubs around the state was, how can we afford to play?

Our local businesses were taking hits and nobody was sure if they could pay the bills. Believe it or not but it cost a lot of money to play footy, and even though I’m not a fan of supporters paying to get in, most clubs wouldn’t survive without it.

But we breed em tough in WA and not only did most businesses bounce back, some even flourished and managed to commit to 2020. To all our sponsors, we can’t thank you enough for everything, it’s not easy running a business and to commit hard earned money to anything but the business is always risky. But the love of footy and community sports runs deep.

To our supporters, you seriously were amazing. I really can’t express how you make the lads feel. From wags, family and friends to local residents who love footy, I saw everyone get involved this year. It really makes the Club feel like a family and the fellas love the cheering!

To the players, you put in a tremendous effort all year only to be pipped right at the end by a spirited Mt Helena. Unfortunately the fairytale ending never happened but you can all hold your heads high. To look over at the terrace and see so many people probably hasn’t happened since the 70’s when the PBSC was at it’s strongest. To see people who don’t really get into footy, made it feel like a real country community where everyone went to the footy. And that is the true spirit of Football.

Hopefully the pain of that loss will spur us on again next year. No matter what happens it’s always a pleasure playing footy with you lads, but even better having a drink with ya.



Ben BBQ Harffey