What better day to host our Sponsors Day than Mitch Shillings 150th!!  There will be a big crowd to celebrate Mitch’s big day so it will be a fantastic day for our Sponsors to come down and enjoy a great game of footy.

The effort from our Sponsors this year has been nothing short of extraordinary!  When COVID hit earlier in the year there was a very real chance we would not be able to get a team on the park.  Understanding that all of our Sponsors would be facing tough times and that Sponsoring a Club would be the last thing on their minds we didn’t think we would have enough Funds to meet the financial commitments required to participate in the Competition.  We sent our Sponsors letters out expecting a few responses but not enough.  The response we got was unbelievable!!!  It goes to show how strong the Community is up in the Hills as even though there is no doubt these business’s have been hurting they have still managed to keep supporting this Footy Club and allowed us to field a team this year.

We can’t thank you enough but we will try…..we are hosting a Sponsors Day this Sunday so please come along, bring your family and enjoy some platters and drinks provided by the Footy Club.



Sponsors Day – Mitch Shilling 150th

Here we are, the final round of the 2020 season!
We are celebrating our sponsors, supporters and of course Mitch, by showing our appreciation for what they all do for the club.
We always harp on about how important our sponsors and supporters are in getting our lads out on the ground, especially since most of them can’t play footy anymore.
But this week also gives us the opportunity to reflect on the contribution and sacrifices our men make just to play footy.
None more than Mitchy Shilling. In his 10 year career for the Hawks, no one has arguably been more important to this team. A pillar in the back line, leader and just all round good guy. Seriously I’ve never seen him do anything nasty on or off the field. Hopefully he’s got another few years left in him because when it gets tough, we know we always stand a chance with him out there.
It’s been an absolute pleasure mate!

Now many of you may be wondering how the lads went over the weekend.
Basically it was a bit of the good, bad and ugly. But it was also a great game of footy.
Keep in mind we didn’t need to win this one and we were more concerned about getting injuries. The lads however weren’t there for a Sunday stroll, they came to play and secure top spot.
With the Mounties desperate to keep their top 2 hopes alive, we knew it was going to be anything but a stroll. From the start they threw everything at us and a shoot out started to unfold.
Now if you haven’t been to a Mounties home game, you would be unaware that the ground dimensions weren’t made for adults. But it does make for fast football, even if the center square is a mud pit!
It was red hot up to 3 qtr time and not just on the scoreboard as we got a real taste of Spring. It was a 1 point ball game to start the last.
Unfortunately though our back line, without Mitchell’s leadership got caught out a couple of times and they were a lot more efficient going forward. The best highlight was Big Cozza putting one through the big sticks and then nearly slotting a 2nd minutes later.
Not from lack of trying but the lads were spent, with no rotations after a couple of guys picked up minor injuries, plus Mounties were way more desperate. They needed to win and we didn’t, we got what we needed out of it while putting on a good show for their sponsors round.

Getting closer to Grand Final Day!
11th October @Pickering Brook.
Set your reminders in your phone, calendars, write it on the toilet wall!
We don’t care how you remember, just be there!

Before that we will be playing the Semi-Final
27th September @Gidgegannup @2pm

But of course we have a massive home game this weekend to consolidate top spot and celebrate a legend of the club.


Ben BBQ Harffey