We are back!!!

Well we didn’t think that we would get a run this season but it has happened and this Sunday will see the Mighty Hawks take to the field and have a crack at Chidlow!
The boys couldn’t be happier that the season is underway and they have been training the house down in preparation to go one better and nail that elusive Premiership.  After a fantastic season last year and finishing on top, injuries in the Finals wore the boys down.  It’s safe to say they are pretty keen to finish it off this season and we have all the boys back with a couple of new additions.  Numbers on the track have been really good and Tony has the lads frothing at the mouth for our season opener this weekend!
Huge Thank You to all our Sponsors that have jumped back on board this season.  We realise that everyone has been doing it tough and the fact that so many of our Sponsors haven’t hesitated to help out again truly shows the Spirit of our Community up here!
This week we head to Chidlow for the game, come along and support the lads,  Pencil in July 12 as that is our first home game.  There will be no other footy in the state you can go and watch so make sure you set the date aside and get all your friends and family up to support the boys!