Pickers Papers Round 16


Good afternoon subscribers, welcome to another instalment of Pickering Brook’s oldest and most well-respected news source, the Pickers Paper. This week we head down to Weir Road to take on Mundaring for a top of the table clash. This will no doubt be aired on free-to-air tv (perhaps SBS 2? Or perhaps not).
Last week, we took on a surging Swan View team after a thrilling win over Gidgie the week before. Our boys came out firing kicking 6.4 for the first quarter to 0.0. Mitchell “If I hand ball to you it had better come back” Shilling opened the bank with an absolute screamer from the boundary. Nathan “Jeez I just want to play forward Tony” Clarke snuck forward again citing “rolling up” as the cause. Kane “Silky” Swithenbank continued his show of good form with an early goal showing us his trademark “Kane Time” celebration.  Luke “I wear a helmet now” Shepherd slotted right back in as did Joshy “Nah, my foot is alright aye” Vellinga. The backline rolled up hard and trapped the ball in the forward line for multiple shots with varying degrees of reward.
Hitting the second quarter, Swannies started to lift. Hitting the score board with a goal out the back while catching the back line sneaking forward looking for goals. CC. Clarkey, Al Dente and yours truly. Big Josh “the BFG (I have girlfriend too)” Griffiths controlled the ruck often using his best “hulk smash” to pound the ball forward to the benefit of our midfielders.  Mitchy “Thanks to Vault, I might take my Mrs there” Johnston held strong down back switching opponents and taking some grabs even Spiderman would be proud of resulting in a BOG performance. Andy “Double Glazed Glass Cannon” Walkerden was swooping on everything and continued his resurgence across the back half. We went into half time 9.60-60 to 2.1 -13.
We came out firing in the third quarter, with the midfield putting in work, Tommy “Cas?” Leeder tackling whatever he could and kicking a goal, Johnny “Genuinely nice guy, who everyone has time for and can’t say a bad word about” Vecchio starred with Tim “Do I have to do everything” McQuoid getting busy up forward taking the footy whenever it came his way. Silky Kane kicked another one and Riley “Send it this way I’ll get hold of it” Thompson was getting lively, finding plenty of it and kicking a couple himself. The backline found its groove and held the visitors scoreless thanks to some intercept marks from Mitchy “Did I tell you I have a girlfriend now” Johnston and Ryan “Air” Hunt. All was well then – bang. Lyle “Help I’ve been shot” Swithenbank got goose stepped by 30kg forward flanker and felt his life force leave him through his troublesome hamstring. After what some people are describing as “the most valiant, memorable and inspiring effort in Modern History (along with the IPhone, finding Bin Laden and the original Moon Landing) he walked off and iced up his leg. The cramp soon subsided, but alas he was done for the afternoon. Score check 12.11-83 to 2.1 -13.
The fourth quarter began and the boys were out to avenge Swither’s leg, closing out Swan View with 1 goal 5 kicked for the quarter.  Enter Ryan “Flying Ryan / Air Hunty / Ryan Air” Hunt who leapt like a gazelle to attempt a mark after having a stint in the forward line (Clarkey was seething!). One for the annals if I have ever seen one.   Final score: 94-15. Goal Kickers: Bomber with 3, Kane with 2, Timmy 2 and singles to Ryan Air, Big Liam “Yeah don’t mind if I do” Vanderlaan, Sheps, Mitchy Shilling, Clarkey and Tommy.
I would also like to mention that the umpiring was pretty good. Credit where credit is due. All in all a decent effort. Bring on Mundaring.