Pickers Papers

Well, well, well, here we are again for the big dance and the 1st time ever we are in it out at the Brook! Hopefully, the locals come out to show their support, our regular supporter base make enough noise really but would be awesome to see cars parked down Pickering Brook Rd.

The preliminary final against Bullsbrook last week was a perfect October’s day for a big game of footy, even if the local shire was burning off!
After losing a close semi last week, we were keen to make amends and show the comp why we finished on top. In saying that we were also wary of a fast-finishing Bullsbrook, who was probably the in-form team for the last month.
Now you could forgive me for sounding like a broken record, but man these boys love to do it the hard way. We gave them a good head start with basically a 3-goal lead at qtr time, unfortunately, this was a familiar story with this mob as each time we played them they jumped us.
Not sure what it was but the beast in these lads had awoken! From then on everyone stepped up a gear and we started to get the footy bouncing our way. Led by Arnie, who drove down the night before from Karajini, dominating in the ruck and around the ground, in fact, the pressure all around the ground from everyone was impressive. With a 5 goal to 1 second qtr, Tony was feeling a lot more comfortable as the bench got a bit fired up!
After halftime, we weren’t really sure if the lads would stay switched on, but when Hunty slotted his 3rd and Bainesy kicked an absolute beauty from the boundary, we knew they were switched on. Though Bullsbrook were never going to give in and a couple of goals at the end brought the lead back to 3 goals.
With the relentless pressure, you could forgive the lads for dropping off in the last, but to their credit, it never eased. Every player across each line put a contest in every time and any team would have struggled against us that day. It was probably our most complete performance as a team this year, as the work was spread out through all 22 blokes.
Unlucky to Bullsbrook who were pretty much playing an elimination final for the past month or so, but well done to our lads on making amends for last week.

To our supporters, sponsors and players, we thank you for all your efforts this year. I reckon nearly every home game was a washout and yet we still had great numbers, even our away games. In a year where anything was possible, especially with the influx of quality players from other leagues, it was a huge success for the league and a massive effort to be able to pretty much get a full season in. And no matter what happens on Sunday, another great year for The Pickering Brook Football Club.